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About Nahlia​

Nahlia Moncrief plans to study Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy at James Madison College. She also plans to take on minoring in in Creative Writing and Business.


While in high school, Nahlia gained much experience in politics as a Summer Fellow for One Campaign for Michigan during the 2020 election, and as a Social Justice fellow for the University of Michigan during her senior year. 


Outside of politics, Nahlia was very involved in her community as a part of many clubs and organizations at her high school. Such as The Incubator, a class at Novi High School, allows students to develop an individual and class project of their choosing. Nahlia acted as a project manager for their class project, which was a movie night called “Flix on the Field”, raising over $3,000 for the literacy campaign “Read United." Within The Incubator, she also planned, led, and organized two student-led professional developments with about a quarter of NHS teachers in attendance and nearly all school and district administrators in attendance or support. In addition to The Incubator, she was a Link Crew Leader, writer for Awkward Pause theatre, a Sales Associate, and an officer in both her school’s Culture Club and Student Mental Health Committee.


Nahlia plans to remain on a positive academic trajectory and hopes to be involved in many activities and organizations at MSU. While still being open to different opportunities post-graduation, Nahlia wants to become a published author in addition to a career in either law or higher education. 

What does this scholarship mean to Nahlia?

"As we have all heard time and time again, these past three years have changed everyone's lives for better and for worse. In less than six months, I lost both of my great grandmothers, not only changing my family’s dynamic but our lives in so many unexpected ways. 


My Granny (my mother’s grandmother) and Grandma (my father’s grandmother) taught me similar ideals and values, despite being very different women. Neither my Granny nor my Grandma attended college. My Granny had to leave school and begin working at 13 years old to help support her family, after her father’s unexpected passing. Despite neither one of them attending college themselves, they raised their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to value their education and pursue a college degree. 


Being awarded the Vedaant Garg Memorial Scholarship not only acknowledges all of the hard work and effort I have put into my academics, community service, and extracurricular activities over the years, but, it also acknowledges the hard work my Granny and Grandma put in raising three generations. I am so honored and thankful to be receiving this scholarship because I am raising a weight off of my parents' and my shoulders, and proving in a large way my family's hard work and sacrifices meant so much."

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