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About Jenna​

Jenna Tryan is an incoming freshman looking to study Marketing at MSU's Broad College. Throughout high school, she took every opportunity to explore the business world to determine her place in it. 


On her high school's robotics team, Jenna worked to develop the public relations side of the team from the ground up. She worked as the Business Manager, and later as the Outreach Coordinator, to manage team finances, marketing plans, and community service events.


As Jenna enters MSU, she is searching for ways to integrate business principles with her devotion to inclusivity. One of her primary goals is to promote equal education opportunities to those in her local community. She plans to join multiple service organizations such as Honors Times Two to connect with others with similar values.


While she is not sure what the future hold for her, Jenna is excited to explore majors and dive into the business world.

What does this scholarship mean to Jenna?

Being awarded this scholarship means so much more to me than just the monetary value. It means that I will be able to enter Michigan State University with a weight off my shoulders, more confident that I will be able to afford my continued education. This freedom of mind extends to freedom of time as well. If I can spend less of my free time worrying about the loans I am taking out, less time working to keep myself afloat, I can dedicate this time elsewhere. Particularly, I hope to continue putting time into my community with service events and more personalized approaches. For instance, I want to join the Honors Times Two organization at MSU, which would allow me to work with elementary students on furthering their passion for learning. Overall, this scholarship has heightened my excitement for the transition to university!

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