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About Anna​

Anna Munguia plans to major in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences with a minor in Business. Throughout her high school career, she took every opportunity to get involved in the area of dentistry, including creating her own research, and volunteering in the field. She took time to talk to owners of several dental offices and orthopedic surgeons to gain knowledge of how they built their establishments.


At Stoney Creek High School, she was involved in a variety of clubs from National Honors Society to Art Club. She also was a part of the varsity volleyball program for four years. 


Anna intends to do international studies and join a variety of clubs at MSU. She looks forward to pursuing dental school after graduating MSU and starting her own dental office.

What does this scholarship mean to Anna?

"Being selected for this scholarship pushes me to further my knowledge and serves as a reminder that I can accomplish my future goals. This award has a lot of financial meaning, however it truly serves me as an emphasis to why I tend to pursue college and further education. Being awarded this scholarship assures more financial stability to accomplish my desired goals in life. I am bound to attain success at Michigan State University, and this scholarship supports me in getting one step closer to fulfilling my dreams. I am truly appreciative to be chosen for this scholarship."

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