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About Youngchan

Youngchan Lee is an incoming freshman at Michigan State University looking to major in business, more specifically Supply Chain Management.


He believes in the mindset of a ‘learner’, his willingness to pursue new knowledge and skill sets through understanding his limitations. In his high school years, he has invested countless hours to endeavor the fields of business.


He discovered the importance of leadership and public speaking skills and was able to participate in multiple debate competitions, such as, international Model United Nations conferences. In one of his most recent conferences, he was awarded the “Most Passionate Delegate'' award at Singapore’s UWCSEA MUN conference.


Furthermore, in his senior year in highschool he founded the “Stocks & Investment” club which portrayed effective leadership skills of guiding younger students with activities to help their financial knowledge. His journey to thrive and improve as a learner will not end here, and he expects to continue his journey at the heart of East Lansing, Michigan State University.

What does this scholarship mean to Youngchan?

"Being selected for the 2023 Vedaant Garg Memorial Scholarship holds a great significance for me as an international student at MSU. This award contributes to helping me pursue my purpose as a student. By alleviating the burden of financial constraints, this scholarship allows me to immerse myself in my academics and flourishing my student life. It enables me to shift my focus from financial concerns to the enrichment of my educational experience. With the support of this scholarship, I am granted the invaluable opportunity for a fruitful student life at MSU."

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