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About Natalia​

Natalia Villegas plans to study Graphic Design at MSU’s College of Arts and Letters. She is a passionate person who hopes to leave the world better than she found it. At the MSU’s College of Arts and Letters, Natalia is devoted to continuing to further her skills in graphic design through joining clubs around campus and spending time learning from her peers.


While attending Elk Grove High School, she joined Best Buddies, Student Ambassadors, DECA, and student council to help gain experience working closely with others. 


One of Natalia’s core values is to continue furthering diversity and inclusion as she is the Director of Karina Cares, a nonprofit with two main goals. One is to raise funds for less fortunate families, and the second is to help raise awareness of her disease along with others.  She has learned to accept her physical challenges, and it was this acceptance of herself that allowed her to share her story. She wants others with chronic illnesses to know that they are not alone and that they will always be more than just their disease. 


Natalia hopes to someday combine her two passions of art and helping others in order help inspire others during their own journeys

What does this scholarship mean to Natalia?

"Being awarded this scholarship means much more to me than just it’s monetary value. I will be able to attend Michigan State University with less stress worrying about loans and paying for the extra services my rare disease requires me to have to be able to live as independently as possible. Less stress will allow me to keep my mind where it truly belongs: furthering my education. At MSU, I am eager to improve upon myself and my knowledge in the graphic arts field. As a young child, I was always curious about figuring out new ways to best express my feelings. Art has formed itself as a form of therapy and provided me the chance to show others my true passion."

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