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About Sydney​

Sydney Herring is a freshman studying Supply Chain Management. She has spent the past two summers co-oping at Dow in the Portfolio Investments Department helping with the creation of pension plans as well as working under a functional mailbox where she had the responsibilities of communicating to important funds and businesses. 

At Freeland High School, Sydney was a part of many clubs and organizations such as National Honors Society and Student Council. She was also part of the varsity soccer and basketball program for four years. 

Sydney hopes to volunteer and get involved this year with clubs like Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) and other Registered Broad Student Organizations. 

What does this scholarship mean to Sydney?

Being selected for this scholarship serves as an acknowledgment of my proven dedication, responsibility, and passion related to my commitment to my education. I strongly believe this scholarship to not only be a financial award towards my collegiate expenses at Michigan State University but an investment in the longevity of my career and aspirations. As part of the next wave of future business leaders, I am driven to leave my Spartan Legacy on the industry. Being awarded this scholarship now provides me the assurance and financial ability to live out my dreams as a Spartan and pursue a career within the business world. I believe this scholarship is not just for my achievements, but for the passion and drive I have to pursue my goals and aspirations. I am determined to achieve success while at Michigan State University, and this scholarship will allow me to be one step closer to accomplishing my goals. I am forever grateful to have been chosen to receive this scholarship.  

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