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About Yu-Jye​

Yu-Jye attended high school the NPTU Financial Leadership Conference, where she had the opportunity to gain knowledge of the financial industry, conduct corporate visits, and interact with professors and professionals. At NPTU, she enjoyed working with her peers and sharing ideas.


Outside of school, she volunteered in several organizations as a commitment to making positive change in society. She is most passionate about her involvement in an anti-smoking campaign organized by the World Peace Women Association. She has also volunteered at the Society of Wilderness and TEN Outstanding Young Person Foundation. As an International Volunteer at the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, she dedicated her services to the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum. She also volunteered at the Design Challenge Asia Finals, where the importance of creativity and design was instilled in her. 


She has learned excellent public speaking abilities and leadership qualities by serving as President of her high school Model United Nations Club (MUN), and by being a delegate at the Yale MUM and National Taiwan MUN conferences. Yu-Jye was also involved in many other activities such as basketball, dance, and art.

What does this scholarship mean to Yu-Jye?

"This scholarship means the world to me as it allows me a chance to get a world-

class education at the esteemed Michigan State University, develop research skills, study finance at one of the most cutting-edge finance departments in the US as well as a chance to interact with a diverse set of global citizens. I hope to build a strong theoretical foundation in the world of finance at the University with the help of the excellent courses offered here. Some of the courses that I am most attracted to are Financial Data Analytics, and Financial Modeling. Having strong research skills is essential to being successful in the field of finance. I hope to achieve the skills through the wonderful opportunities that these classes offer, and by getting to do hands-on research at different banks or companies. I have set loft goals for myself at the undergraduate level which I believe can be achieved at a place like Michigan State University.

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